Assessment will be carried out by the Nazim or Nazima

After your application is handed in with the signed slip of the ‘parent madrassa agreement’, our admin department will place your child on the waiting list data base, thereafter an appointment will be made in date order of which the application form was received and the Nazim (head teacher) for the male students or Nazima for the female students will conduct an assessment, according to this assessment and availability in the suitable class a place will be offered.

As you are aware this is our first term as Madrassa-tul-Madina, we do have a back log of applications on the waiting list, new teachers and classes to arrange, therefore we would like to thank you in advance for your vital support and patience. However we are hopeful in Allah Azwajal mercy and the wasila of his beloved messenger (may countless blessings and mercy be upon him) that we will resolve our teething hurdles with much wisdom and efficiency.

Thank you for your vital support.