About Us


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To achieve our madni mission we will strive to invite others to do good and forbid evil. This goal will be achieved via education delivered in the blessed environment, making sure the teaching of the Holy Qur’an is taught. with correct recitation (tajweed-ul-qur’an)and understanding to all Muslim children and adults, for free of charge irrespective of race, colour, ethnicity or geographical back ground.

Instill correct Islamic beliefs in the hearts of the pupils and the community in the light of the true understanding of the holy Qur’aan and Sunnah.

Teaching the basic and necessary Islamic injunctions according to the true teachings of our peace loving religion.

Introducing the life of the Holy & beautiful Prophet Muhammed (peace, blessings and countless salutations be upon him) and making sure one can live by loving and trying to shadow the beautiful example (sunnah) of the best of all creation, the mercy to all mankind and the beloved of Allah almighty (may countless blessings and peace be upon him)

Teaching Islamic manners and conduct in line with Islamic etiquette and beliefs.

Promoting good citizenship, unity, respect, harmony, peace, tolerance, community & racial harmony via education.